Blog management

Chemcoolweb would like to present to you an opportunity to expand your website's reach and increase its online visibility by adding a blog section to your website. As an experienced web designer with over 19 years of experience, Chemcoolweb believe that a blog section can be a valuable addition to your website, and we would like to offer you a comprehensive service to achieve this goal.​​​​​​



  • Our goal is to populate your website with a blog that contains practical industry tools or appropriate industry articles related to your website.

  • The blog will not only provide valuable information to your visitors but also improve your website's search engine ranking, resulting in more website referrals.

  • Our professional content writer with years of experience in content writing will create high-quality blog posts that resonate with your target audience.

  • Moreover, we will add Google AdSense to the blogs, which will provide passive income possibilities. This will help you monetize your website and generate additional revenue.

  • Our services will also include cross-referencing your website to populated blogs and vice versa. This will enhance your marketing efforts and increase your website's online visibility.

  • We will also add these blogs to Google Analytics and Google Search Console to enable us to monitor blog results.


In conclusion